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  1. James Simpson

    Hello and Merry Christmas.

    Several years ago (before we were all herded into small enclaves), I met a “countryman” of yours who was birding at Lake Erie in Ohio. He had one of your packs which I greatly admired and I have, from time to time, pursued the idea of getting one for myself. All indications to date are that it is not sold in the United States.

    I thought I would exert the effort of posing my enquiry to the “source”. Are your products marketed at all in the USA or have I just been looking in the wrong spot? Barring that, do you sell to people overseas and does it cost less than the debt of a small nation?

    I appreciate your time and effort.

    P.S. I highlighted “countryman” because it’s unclear to us yanks (at least to me) how the term “country” is used in that part of the world. I’m pretty sure he was from UK, and I hope I haven’t ruffled any feathers. Note the clever bird reference.

    1. Paul Lee

      Hi James,

      Merry Christmas

      We don’t currently have any of our products marketed in the USA, however we are able to ship to the USA with a shipping cost of ¬£12.

      Please let us know if you would like anymore details and not to worry no feathers ruffled


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