About Scopac – Designed by Birders for Birders

Whilst extensively bird watching in the field – Paul and Rose got tired of the many hours carrying a tri-pod and the resulting ‘birder shoulder’. In turn, this led them to producing the first handmade ‘Scopac’ in 2001 – a unique tripod carrying system. Since this time, they have overseen a constant evolution of the Scopac – refined by hours in the field and feedback from birders across the globe. These bespoke carriers have been designed by birders for birders. Whilst the product has been often imitated it has never been bettered in their view.

Scopac are also the only supplier that produces a travel friendly super light weight carrier (‘lite’) in addition to the ‘Original’ pack. A specialist Plus sized pack is also now available with a larger 4.5 litre carrying capacity.

Paul Lee

Paul LeeAn experienced birder of nearly 50 years, Paul first discovered his love of birding under the wing of RA Richardson on the east bank at Cley in Norfolk – where many a bird watcher started out. As a lighthouse keeper of 20+ years, working on some of the most remote lights in Britain, Paul rekindled his interest in birding, fishing and marine ecology at this time. Since then, Paul has travelled the world following his passion of bird watching and ecology. Particular highlights have included: Australia, Cost Rica, India, Ecuador as well as whale watching in Canada. This extensive experience has helped Paul shape the development of the Scopac into the premium product it is today.

Rose Votier

Rose VotierRose has always had a love of nature and was first introduced to birding through her son – indeed she started a Young Ornithologist Club for him and his friends back in the day! Whilst her son has now gone on to be a well renowned birder and senior university lecturer in Marine Ecology, Rose has also maintained her interest and continues to be a keen and regular birder in Norfolk – particularly later in life following her retirement and children flying the nest. Rose now travels extensively and has taken many birding trips in recent years – including China, Australia, Ecuador, India and Canada. Her experience has also driven the design and evolution of the Scopac.

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